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IAmI Authentications is an industry agnostic Identity Access Management solution. No matter the size, location or type or business/organization, if there is valuable, private and secure data being collected, used and stored, IAmI is the perfect solution to prevent any cybersecurity intrusion threat. Here are some examples of industries that IAmI is available to:

Enterprise Security


Should your employee's login credentials become stolen, they will be able to prevent all unauthorized access to the network - in realtime!

Employee PII

Unlike other authentication providers, IAmI never asks for your employee's PII. Instead, IAmI only operates through a tokenization service when authenticating.


Protect all IAM locations and critical privileged access areas such as mainframes, critical DB's and prevent data breaches  - in real-time!


The IAmI service strictly resides inside your enterprise network. You have complete control of all data, authentication logs & realtime reporting.

One Touch

No SMS based authentications. No VR calls. No OTPs. No biometric authentications. No behavioural authentications. Just 'one touch'!

Ultimate Peace
of Mind

With employee login credentials being protected from unauthorized exploit attacks, you can have complete peace of mind knowing no one can get into your network - 24/7.

Securing Mainframes


Customer Authentication


A brand new empowerment and cybersecurity experience giving users the best security. Users can finally identify & prevent attacks!

& Prevention

Users will be first responders to attacks, in realtime, and also be able to prevent them. No more post-day attack detections.

Drive Trust
& Loyalty

Empowering your users to feel safer & self-protected will positively impact them, your business and bottom line.

of Mind

Absolute user peace of mind, as hackers won't be able to gain unauthorized access to accounts or perform account-takers threats - 24/7.

No User
PII Registered

Unlike other authentication providers, IAmI does not use any user PII and so nothing is stored. So ultimately, your users and all their data is far more safer with IAmI.

SKD Pack

Integrate IAmI's white-label authentication service to your own smartphone app. Users will greatly appreciate the best in class authentication service, all from your app.



Despite the rollout of 3D Secure 2.0 protocols, the payment space it is still plagued with vulnerabilities and ongoing fraud attacks. This is especially true when cardholders are required to authenticate via a SMS based OTP, where cybercriminals are able to do a MITM attack. Biometrics attacks is steadily growing too.

The Solution:
IAmI Payment Authentication

Using IAmI, online card transactions can be frictionlessly verified during the transaction cycle, preventing  fraud before the transaction is completed. Triggered by the Issuer's Risk Decisioning Engine, cardholders are sent authentication requests, to the IAmI SDK module that has been integrated inside the bank's mobile banking smartphone app. Once prompted, cardholders will be required to either "Confirm" or "Deny" the pending transaction.
No OTP's. No SMS text messages. It's that easy. That Powerful. That simple.

Empowered and tokenized, cardholders can now safeguard their own financial accounts and funds, 24/7, ultimately preventing fraud losses - all with just one touch...!



The integrity of healthcare networks and HIPAA data is the very backbone to all healthcare services, patient needs and practises. It is critical these two areas are protected at all costs. IAmI relieves you of the day-to-day IAM stresses, safeguarding your network 24/7.

Trusted Privilege
Access Rights

Highly sensitive data, such as medical records, patient files and prescription information is accessed on a daily basis. IAmI gives you the peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnels can gain privilege access. No more intrusions or unauthorized access.

Prevent Hackers
& Breaches

HIPAA data yields allot of money on the black market. Once hackers are inside your network, there's no telling how long they've been there or how deep they've gone. With IAmI, users can instantly detect & prevent hackers from accessing your network and even attempting a data breach - all in realtime.

Patient's Trust

Your patients place their complete faith and trust in you and your ability for providing the best healthcare service and care. They equally expect the same in protection of their confidential information. With IAmI, you will be able to bolster your IAM across your network, safeguarding  all HIPAA data -  24/7!






IAmI offers the perfect solution for realtime security where all users can protect their Bitcoins, wallets and Cryptos.


Voting, BANKING, e-Docs, Insurance, Healthcare, Govt. Services, etc.

In partially decentralized environments, IAmI offers an advanced and superior form of IAM, critical for its integrity.


BANKING, Insurance, Govt. Services, HEALTHCARE, Mining, Energy, etc.

IAmI provides authentication access for privileged users in private blockchain systems, securing its integrity.

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