Making cybersecurity intimately better!


Increase adoption and trust by offering users stronger empowerments, authentications & verifications, accountabilities, and control of their personal data to the Blockchain.


While everything is becoming increasingly connected, don't leave yourself or users open to vulnerabilities and threats.

Healthcare Data

Advance your protection of patient, medical and prescription data (HIPAA) with real-time authentication protocols, preventing unauthorized access, data breaches, 24/7.

Network Access

True authentications each time your employees sign in to your network (Cloud, On-Prem, and VPN), leaving no room for intrusion attacks to compromise your enterprise environment.

IAM & Mainframe/
DB Access

Protect your critical data assets and data locations across your network, preventing data breaches.

Web-Based Authentications

Crowdsource your customers and user-base by empowering them to protect their own accounts from cyber intrusion attacks and unauthorized access on their accounts, 24/7!

Online Payment Authentication

Empower your customers/clients to safeguard their own financial accounts and funds 24/7, ultimately preventing fraud losses.

e-Docs Access & Sharing

Prevent unauthorized access and the threat of data breaches of your secure IP and sensitive corporate data.

elevate your data & network security today!