Prevent Cyberattacks, Especially During COVID-19.

Work From HomeLockdown Rules Have Opened New and Larger Attack Surfaces For Hackers To Target.

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Throughout This Pandemic, Companies & Stakeholders Have Never Been More Vulnerable, And It's About To Get Worse!

Since the beginning of COVID-19, there has been a worldwide surge in cyberattacks across all industries. Notable cyberattacks are being seen in phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and ransomware, amongst others.
Many parts of the world are going through second wave of lockdowns and ongoing Work From Home (WFH) practises. Consequently, threat actors are gaining a much bigger attack surface than ever before, and able to compromise with greater ease.

Notable Increases In Cyberattacks:

Especially When Cyberattacks Are Out Of Control

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Beware: Security Vulnerabilities Lie In The Most Common Places

With the majority of the world being forced into 'Work From Home' and also many companies changing operations over to remote based working, cyberattacks have surged in targeting login credentials of stakeholders. Here are some of the ways:

Increased Attacks - Spear-Phishing, APT's, Whaling, Etc.

● Remote-based workers are highly vulnerable
● Attacks include Spear-Phishing, APTs, Malware, Whaling, etc...
● It takes just one accidental click and the hackers are in

Increased Home Network Vulnerabilities

● Home wifi routers are unprotected with default settings
● Many home networks don't have firewalls, subnets or VPNs
● Threat actors can redirect network traffic to their servers

IOT Vulnerabilities & Backdoors

● Many home networks at least have 1 IOT connected device
● Unsecured IOT devices offer backdoor access
● Threat actors can steal data from inside the home network

Mobile Malware & Bypassing Existing MFAs/2FAs

● Mobile malware & spyware is spiking everywhere
● Many remote-based workers are not setup with MFA/2FA
● Traditional MFAs & 2FAs can be bypassed by threat actors



With IAmI Authentications: Authentication as an SDK

Security Strategy | Intelligent | Bespoke | Integrated & White-labelled | PII-Free | Encrypted Tokenization | SaaS + PaaS | Cross-Platform | Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions.

(Patented Technology)

Even Through The Ongoing Global Pandemic and 'Work From Home' Rules, Your Network and Stakeholders Will Always Benefit From Safe & Secure Access.

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With IAmI Authentications
A Highly Specialized Secure Access Management Solution To Uniquely Address Cyberattacks During & After COVID-19

Work From Home (WFH)
Better Protecting Enterprise IAM & PAM Access
Remote based employees can now better prevent:
- Login credential based attacks
- Attacks on network access, VPN's, and RDP's (IAM & PAM)
- Attacks on secure applications & infrastructure access (PAM)
Empowering Customers To Protect Their Accounts
Customers can now better prevent:
- Phishing Attacks
- SIM Swap Attacks, ID Fraud, and ID Fraud
- Account-takeover & Fraud Attacks

Step-Up Your Enterprise Level Access Controls For Anywhere

Companies & Remote-based Workers Have Never Been More Vulnerable

Whether it's COVID-19 related cyberattacks or not, every employee from the top-down should securely connect and gain access to the enterprise network through robust Access Control protocols.

Consider this: imagine where 2,000 employees were all working out of a single corporate office have now been displaced and are all working home. From a position of security that's 2000 employees working from 2000 offices! With that perspective, the corporate's fort and moat has just become weaker.

IAmI's access control mechanism empowers users to become guardians of their own login credentials - all day, everyday. Whether accessing the network through a webpage login, VPN, RDP or VNC, users can also prevent anyone else from exploiting their login credentials to otherwise try and gain unauthorized access - all in realtime.

Prevent Credential Based Attacks - Spear/Phishing | Whaling | RATs | BECs

Secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Access

Protect Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

Prevent Ransomware Attacks From Crippling Network Infrastructures

Step-Up And Secure All Network Access


Step-Up And Transform Your Customers' Security Experiences

Customers Are Being Ambushed With Phishing, Credential Stuffing & Fraud Attacks

With customers worldwide being forced to stay home, they are now accessing the majority of their services online. However, they are now more vulnerable than ever before to cyberattacks, particularly to COVID-19 based attacks.

With IAmI, customers are now able to completely control access and security to their accounts, 24/7. Even if they get phished or encounter a malware, no threat actor will be able to get (unauthorized) access to their accounts at all. With IAmI's Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) or Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solutions, they will be able to prevent all suspicious activities tied to their account.

More importantly, while customers prevent and protect their accounts and services from attacks, they will also be protecting the integrity of the company brand as well.

Immobilize Phishing Attacks

Prevent Fraud & Account-takerovers

Prevent Identity Fraud

Empower & Elevate Customers Experiences

Phishing Attacks

Fraud Attacks


Helping Organizations Build Their Own Zero Trust Security, Greater Control, and Better Peace of Mind.

- IAmI Authentications

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