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Your Privacy-First, Dedicated, enterprise-level MFA Security Services - Without All the Enterprise-level headaches & Costs!

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MFA technologies BUILT for SMEs

Avoid surging Credential-based Attacks, Cookie Session Hijacks, leading MFA bypasses/hacks, and masses of user data being collected, with:

I Am I Mobile App

ENABLING SMEs with better, innovative, and Friendly anti-intrusion (MFA) services.

SMEs operate very differently to large multi-national/global companies. With unique operational, technical, and available financial resources, SME's don't need the overwhelming and costly expenses of highly complexed security solutions, most especially for authenticating users.

This is where I Am I excels with its innovative privacy-first and dedicated anti-intrusion MFA technologies, built for SME's. Depending on the number of end-users that need to be authenticated, SME's can adopt either the "MFA as a Service" or "MFA as a Toolkit" platform at a fraction of the time and even costs. I Am I is focused on delivering enterprise-level MFA services without the enterprise-level headaches and costs.


Anti-Viruses alone are not effective

At preventing attackers from breaking into your business, Computers & Network Systems. You need a strong and reliable Anti-intrusion MFA System!


your PrivaCY-First & Dedicated MFA Technologies:


Manufacturing Business
Tech Companies


I Am I mobile apps

Gain real-time security advantages of using either:
Biometric Authentications
Password-less Authentications
Push Authentications

(Patented Technology)

Passwordless Biometric MFA

Introducing a new MFA:
Password-less Biometric Authentications


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empowering SMES through innovative, privacy-first & data-free MFA services

The market is crowded with the same authentication services and offers, and they're all proving to be hackable! Many service providers are even collecting user Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and their authentication data!

At I Am I Authentications, we're also an SME type company and so we get you and we better understand your needs. You don't need to be oversold with overwhelming, complicated solutions, and with excessive costs. We've done away with that all together. In addition, we have innovated authentications services - radically - so it precisely and effective delivers next-gen authentication and security services where it matters and without breaking the bank. See below:



PrivaCY-FIRST & DEdicated MFA technologies without the Enterprise-LEvel stresses!

We have made it very simple and yet very powerful. With SDK's, API's and dedicated cloud instances, I Am I's MFA Technologies are available for complete integration. With no-PII required and private-label services, the I Am I platform is far safer and also yours to brand as your own.

IAmI Mobile SDKs

I Am I Mobile SDKs

IAmI Modules

I Am I Modules

IAmI Dedicated Cloud Services

I Am I Private Clouds

The smarter & SAFER security platform

All identity values of users are replaced with digital tokenization values across the I Am I platform. No user data and PII values are ever exposed, captured, used or stored. Furthermore, I Am I does not work with OTPs, Tokens or even generate session or browser cookies, making I Am I's MFAs far safer than any other services.

PII & Data Free

Tokenization values

Cookie & Token Free

No Cookies, OTPs & Tokens

phishing-Resistant AND anti-fatigue MFA solutions

Lately, threat actors are devising creative ways to bypass, hack, and even spoof users into weakening their traditional MFA protocols and integrities. These attacks are quickly rising and becoming increasingly effective in weakening an organization's security posture. With the combination of smart architecture and unique administrator/user control capabilities, I Am I presents the smarter and most effective methods in preventing MFA Phishing attacks and MFA Fatigue attacks.

I Am I Anti-Fatigue & Resistant-Phishing MFA

Phishing-Resistant & Anti-Fatigue MFA Solutions


Prevent Unauthorized Access, data breaches & ransomware attacks In real-time.

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Startups & SMEs

Affordable. easy-to-manage. peace of mind.

Enterprise-level capabilities for SMEs & Startups Without The Enterprise-level Hassle!

No matter what type of business you're running or what project you're involved in, security is key and we get it!

A robust security strategy is key to preventing threat actors breaking in. It will save you allot of unwanted trouble and sleepless nights.
I Am I's MFA as a Service gives you enterprise-level real-time threat detection & prevention capabilities without the stress of dealing with , so you can focus on business or project, all without the security stress.

avoid 3rd party security vendor risks

I Am I enables you to own your MFA while fortifying Your security framework Needs.

With added trailblazing real-time threat detection & preventative capabilities (and more), users and superusers will be empowered to detect, identify, immobilize, prevent all credential-based attacks - instantly - reducing risks of data breaches, ransomware attacks, fraud, and account-takeovers.

Your security frameworks will finally make sense!

I Am I - IAM
I Am I - PAM
I Am I - Zero Trust

it's safer. It's Better. It's Yours.


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