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Introducing The Most Advanced
Two-Factor Authentication Solution -

IAmI Intelligent Authentication

IAmI authenticates your users, in real-time, each time their login credentials are used, assuring true authentication, preventing unauthorized access, intrusion attacks and data breaches.


No User Registration or PII For Authenticating - Only tokens

Real-time Intrusion Detection & Preventative Solution

COMPlete SERVICE control & data ownership

Prevent Future Intrusion Attacks

Brand The authentication SERVICES As Your Own

Current 2FAs/MFAs Are NOT SECURE


Hackers also have the same MFA Options to do an attack

MFA providers collect PII of users, making them prime attack targets


Hackers scam & trick users into providing OTPs

Hackers can use 'Phishing' techniques to get OTPs

HOTPs can be bruted forced

Very costly, clunky and passé

Email/SMS Based Auths

Hackers scam & trick users into providing OTPs

Hackers can use mobile malware to access smartphones to steal OPTs

Hackers can use 'Packet-sniffing' & Man-In-The-Midddle Attacks to grab OTPs

Hackers can use Social-engineering Attacks to access email accounts

NOTE: In 2016, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) declared  SMS based authentication protocol as 'deprecated'.

Biometric Authentications

All biometric data is largely unproteced!

Biometric data is stored in digital format on devices and servers

Hackers can exploit & use stolen biometric data

NO recourse available to recover - e.g. You can change your password but not your fingerprint...

IAmI Intelligent Authentication

IAmI Takes The Headache Out of Authentication & Network Security

For the first time ever, your employees will be empowered to intelligently identify intrusion attacks AND stop hackers in realtime, just by touching "Deny" on the IAmI app. With just one touch, your cybersecurity model is completely transformed!

Watch how IAmI's B2B cybersecurity solution is changing how industries prepare themselves to stay a step ahead of attackers.

Watch how users:
(1) "Confirm" their authentication request and get instant safe access;
(2) "Deny" their requests for authentication, preventing an cyber intrusion attack in real-time; and
(3) Are not able to respond to their authentication requests in time, resulting in a default "Timed-Out", rendering the login session to deactivate and preventing a potential intrusion attack.

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IAmI Passwordless Authentication

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