The Cyber Pandemic Has Shaken Security To It's Core.

While many security discussions are quickly moving towards Zero Trust and IAM Frameworks, existing authentication elements within them have become stale.

IAmI Authentications innovates Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services, ushering in a new security edge for these vital frameworks, strategies, and more!


Current Zero Trust & IAM Frameworks Are Being Challenged Due To Vulnerabilities in Existing Authentication Services & Software Tools

Existing 2FAs & MFAs

Threat actors can bypass and exploit current 2FAs & MFAs: Attacks on SMS-based Authentications (SS7 Attacks, SIM Swaps, XSS Attacks and more), Attacks on OTPs (MITM, MITB, XSS Attacks, Social-engineering, Pass-the-Cookie Attacks, and more)

RBAs & Micro Segmentations

Risk Based Authentications (RBAs) could in fact be an impediment to having a thorough and complete Zero Trust Architecture. Instead of authenticating users based on 'risk', all users should be authenticated no matter what and where they are trying to access.

IAM Tools, Software, Repositories

Identity Access Management (IAM) is an assembly and orchestration of software, tools, policies, governance, monitoring & auditing, and identity repositories. However, IAM is software-based, porous and hackable and contains user identities.

Step-up YOUR 

With A True Innovative Break-through In MFA Services, Making Security Frameworks & Strategies Far More Effective

PII-Free Platform With Encrypted Tokenization Services

No collection or storage of User PII. Instead, IAmI's innovative PII-free only authenticates and transacts via encrypted tokenization services.

'MFA as an SDK' Service

IAmI offers its authentication services via SDK's. Clients will greatly benefit from having their own Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) platform, instead of surrendering all control and data to 3rd party services.

Real-time Threat Detection & Prevention Solution

Users are prompted to verify every time their login credentials are used and before access is granted. Even if login credentials are stolen, users will be able to detect, identify, prevent, and immobilize unauthorized access, in real-time and 24/7.

A Far Better & Safer Step-Up MFA

IAmI does not use OTP tokens (hard or soft), nor does it generate cookies. IAmI can be deployed anywhere across the network to enforce micro-segmentations, safeguarding access from outside-in, across the network, to (escalated) privileges, and to critical "Jewel Crown" applications.

(Patented Technology)

Prevent Credential-based Attacks, Even When Login Credentials Become Stolen.


As Cyberattacks Continue to Spiral Out Of Control

Take Control Now!


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With IAmI Authentications's 'MFA as an SDK'

Work From Home (WFH)
Better Protecting Enterprise IAM & PAM Access
Remote based employees can now better prevent:
- Login credential based attacks
- Attacks on network access, VPN's, and RDP's (IAM & PAM)
- Attacks on secure applications & infrastructure access (PAM)
Empowering Customers To Protect Their Accounts
Customers can now better prevent:
- Phishing Attacks
- SIM Swap Attacks, ID Fraud, and ID Fraud
- Account-takeover & Fraud Attacks

Step-Up Your Enterprise Level Access Controls For Anywhere

Companies & Remote-based Workers Have Never Been More Vulnerable

Whether it's COVID-19 related cyberattacks or not, every employee from the top-down should securely connect and gain access to the enterprise network through robust Access Control protocols.

Consider this: Imagine a company of 2,000 employees all working out of a single corporate office location. Because of Work From Home rules and lockdowns, these 2,000 employees are all working home. From a position of security that's 2000 employees now working from 2000 offices! With that perspective, the corporate's fort and moat has just become weaker.

That's where IAmI's MFA as an SDK comes in: Empowering users to become guardians of their own login credentials - all day, everyday. Whether accessing the network through an internal network LAN connections, web app login, VPN, RDP, users can also prevent anyone else from exploiting their login credentials to otherwise try and gain unauthorized access - all in realtime.

Prevent Credential Based Attacks | Spear/Phishing | Whaling | RATs | BECs

Secure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) & VPN Access

Prevent Ransomware Attacks From Crippling Network Infrastructures

Step-Up And Secure All Network Access


Step-Up And Transform Your Customers' Security Experiences

Customers Are Being Ambushed With Phishing, Credential Stuffing & Fraud Attacks

With customers worldwide being forced to stay home, they are now accessing the majority of their services online. They have now become more vulnerable than ever before to cyberattacks, particularly to COVID-19 based scams and new attacks surfaces from mobile and IoT devices in the home setting.

With IAmI, customers are now able to completely control access and security to their accounts, 24/7. Even if they get phished or encounter a malware, no threat actor will be able to get (unauthorized) access to their accounts at all. With IAmI's Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solution, they will be able to prevent all suspicious activities tied to their account.

More importantly, while customers prevent and protect their accounts and services from attacks, they will also be protecting the integrity of the company brand as well.

Immobilize Phishing Attacks

Prevent Fraud & Account-takerovers

Prevent Identity Fraud

Immobilize Phishing Attacks

Prevent Fraud Attacks

Empower & Elevate Customers Experiences


Helping Companies Step-up Their Security Frameworks For Greater Control and Better Peace of Mind.

- IAmI Authentications

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