Why IAmI Is Best

 IAmI Never Collects and/or Uses Any User-PII.

Many leading 2FA and MFA providers require your User-base PII to be registered on their network. This means:

(1) Your user-base PII data is residing in an a network that is not yours;
(2) You have no control over the security or safety of it; and
(3) You will have given complete access to some very pertinent PII data which you are trying to protect in the first place.

Question: What's your recourse if they get attacked?

Think about's just far too risky!!

IAmI Entirely Tokenizes Your User base

IAmI does not ask for any user PII to be registered on the IAmI platform. Instead, each user is tokenized on the IAmI network before they begin their authentication and identity services, protecting their true identities (PII) from the risks of attacks.

Furthermore, the information generated by the token is yours and you have absolute access control over the IAmI services as it resides inside the parameters of your network.

We think you would agree, IAmI is completely and positively different.

Your Authentication & Identity Services now Decentralized & Crowdsourced

Current Centralized Environment

●  Cybersecurity is a single central function
●  Highly vulnerable as hackers attacks one vector 
●  Unprotected users are easy targets
●  Easy for unauthorized access/cyber intrusion attacks.
●  High risks for data breaches

Advanced Decentralized & Crowdsourced Environment

● Highly advanced cybersecurity network solution
● Decentralized & crowdsourced functionality
● Only entrusted users can gain access (employees/customers)
● Realtime network intrusion monitoring
● Realtime attack detection
● Realtime intrusion prevention

Trusted People on Trusted Networks

IAmI Is Decentralized, Crowdsourced, Tokenized and Real-time...!

Bolster Your Network Today!

IAmI Takes The Headache Out of Authentication & Network Security

For the first time ever, your employees will be empowered to intelligently identify intrusion attacks AND stop hackers in realtime, just by touching "Deny" on the IAmI app. With just one touch, your cybersecurity model is completely transformed!

Watch how IAmI's B2B cybersecurity solution is changing how industries prepare themselves to stay a step ahead of attackers.

Watch how users:
(1) "Confirm" their authentication request and get instant safe access;
(2) "Deny" their requests for authentication, preventing an cyber intrusion attack in real-time; and
(3) Are not able to respond to their authentication requests in time, resulting in a default "Timed-Out", rendering the login session to deactivate and preventing a potential intrusion attack.

Why Current 2FAs/MFAs Are Not Secure


Hackers Have Same Options!

Hackers Will Gravitate To Easiest Attacks

MFA Providers Collect PII

MFAs Typically Are Not Enterprise-wide


TOTPs & HOTPs Scams

'Phishing' Techniques To Get OTPs

Brute Force HOTPs

Very Costly, Clunky & Passé

Email/SMS Based Auths

SS7 Attacks/ Packet Sniffing/ Man In The Middle Attacks

SIP Trunk Scams

Social Engineering Attacks

Mobile Malware/Spyware Attacks


Stored in Digital Readable Format

Costly With No Global Standards For Compliance & Regs

The Ultimate PII and Identification Value At High Risk

NO Recourse To Protect - e.g. "You can change your password but not your..."

U2F Keys

USB Port Vulnerabilities & NFC Sniffing Attacks

No Access If Keys Are Lost

Security Issues If Lost (Keys/Lanyard)

No Realtime Threat Detection

Very Costly Per Unit


To Early To Evaluate

Weaponization Threats of Advancing AI

Cybersecurity Threats & Attacks Will Likely