The Innovation-Gap is Big in the auth. space

All Security Frameworks are severely challenged with hackers bypassing their way around existing 2FAs/MFAs.

Despite many organizations implementing Zero Trust, IAM, PAM, and/or CIAM strategies, existing authentication mechanisms within them are the achilles heal as bad actors are easily bypassing them.

I Am I Authentications innovates multi-factor authentications (MFA), ushering in a better security edge that's data-free, adaptable, dedicated, integrable, customizable, and white-label. Introducing 'MFA as a Service'!


despite all efforts, Credential-based attacks are still rising!

Up to


of all cyberattacks begin with credential-based attacks.

Up to


Intrusion based attacks took place across the globe in 2021.

Hacking 2FAs & MFAs

existing 2FAs & MFAs are being hacked

Leading Services Are Being Targeted

Increasingly, threat actors are now turning their attention to bypassing/hacking traditional and leading 2FAs/MFAs.

Why? Because leading authentication offers have not evolved over the last decade and in an ever-advancing threat landscape, security access needs to evolve too!

Your security frameworks are Very likely under threat!

Why? Because all frameworks use standard 2FA's/mfa's and there lies the problem!

The first security barrier to all security frameworks are existing 2FAs/MFAs. Hackers are proving they can easily bypass/hack them.

This enables them to gain unrestricted access into and across the network, and the organizations don't know none the better. End result - security frameworks fail.

Reinforce All Security Frameworks With
The Better & Stronger Custom MFA That You Control

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PII-Free and white-label mfa

Implement a DATA & PII-Free MFA, which you have more control over.

Protect your

Empower Your

Step-Up Your Enterprise Level Access Controls For Anywhere

The Inherent Risks of Remote-based Work

Every employee from the top-down should connect securely to gain access to the enterprise network through robust Access Control protocols.

Consider this: Imagine a company of 2,000 employees all working out of a single corporate office location. Because of Work From Home rules and lockdowns, these 2,000 employees are all working home. From a position of security that's 2000 employees now working from 2000 locations! With that perspective, the corporate's fort and moat has just become stretched.

That's where I Am I's data free "MFA as a Service" comes in: Empowering users to become guardians of their own login credentials - all day, everyday. Whether accessing the network through an internal network LAN connections, web app login, VPN, RDP, users can also prevent anyone else from exploiting their login credentials to otherwise try and gain unauthorized access - all in realtime.

Step-Up And Secure All Network Access


Step-Up And Transform Your Customers' Security Experiences

Customers Are Being Ambushed With Phishing, Credential Stuffing & Fraud Attacks

With customers worldwide being forced to stay home, they are now accessing the majority of their services online. They have now become more vulnerable than ever before to cyberattacks, particularly to COVID-19 based scams and new attacks surfaces from mobile and IoT devices in the home setting.

With I Am I, customers are now able to completely control access and security to their accounts, 24/7. Even if they get phished or encounter a malware, no threat actor will be able to get (unauthorized) access to their accounts at all. With I Am I's Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solution, they will be able to prevent all suspicious activities tied to their account.

More importantly, while customers prevent and protect their accounts and services from attacks, they will also be protecting the integrity of the company brand as well.

Empower & Elevate Customers Experiences


Learn How I Am I's Data Free Dedicated MFA As A Service
Can Transform Your Security And Business!


HOW Others Are GIVING A FALSE Sense of security!

Leading Authentication Vendors Are Collecting & Storing Your User Data -

From A Security Lens, That's Absurd!


Leading 2FA & MFA cybersecurity firms require the registration, collection and storage of your user data (Personal Identifiable Information (PII)).

Notable security companies are falling victim to highly advanced and sophisticated attacks, including identity service providers and authentication based companies. With this occurrence, the risk is simply too high!

What's your recourse if they get hacked?
Do you have a recovery disaster plan in place for this?

Notable Increases In Cyberattacks:

Phishing Attacks
Ransomware Attacks
Credential Based Attacks


How Hackers Are Bypassing Standard 2FA & MFA Services

SMS OTP Being Attacked

& OTP's

SMS auths & OTPs can be hacked via "SS7 attacks", MITM attacks, MITB attacks (cookie session hijacks) and packet sniffing attacks.

MFAs Being Attacked

MFA Services

With MFAs offering a variety of auth. options, hackers can select the most easiest to compromise: SMS/ Email based auths.

Attacking Biometrics


Biometric Data - the ultimate ID value stored in readable format - is increasingly being targeted by hackers. Once stolen there is no recourse.

Identity Service Providers

3rd Party Services

External connections to 3rd Party networks, for services (open-loop), are highly susceptible to hacks (https attacks)

Secure PII

Your User PII

MFA/2FA providers collect and store ‘key’ data of End-Users (PII) on their network - and you have no control of it!

Social Engineering & SIM Attacks

SIM & Social Eng. Attacks

2FA/MFA services are highly susceptible to social engineering attacks and is very difficult to preempt.

Threat Actors Are Going To All Lengths To Steal and Compromise Login Credentials.

Login Credentials

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Phishing Attacks ⎮ APT Attacks ⎮ RAT Attacks ⎮ Whaling Attacks ⎮ Spray Attacks ⎮ Credential Stuffing Attacks | MITM/MITB Attacks ⎮ Cross-scripting Attacks ⎮ Cookie Session Hijacks ⎮ Many more...



Weak/Poor ⎮ Re-used  ⎮ Stolen ⎮ Storage / Management Issues / Risks ⎮ Brute-Forced Attacks ⎮ Rainbow Attacks ⎮ Dictionary Attacks ⎮ Many more...


Hacking coding

Bypassing unsophisticated 2FAs/MFAs ⎮ User Manipulation / Scams ⎮ SIM Attacks ⎮ Air-Gaping Attacks⎮ Automated Attacks ⎮ Many more...


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