Authenticating Users & Preventing Threat Actors - With A Better Difference!



Of Login Credential Exploit Attacks Are Prevented With
IAmI Authentications.

Authentication Services & Cybersecurity Finally Transformed


These Are Very Unprecedented Times!

Throughout this global pandemic, cyberattacks have surged with 3 prevalent types of attacks, which are blistering and crippling many organizations everywhere:



Credential Stuffing

What's more, these and many other cyberattacks typically need to steal and again unauthorized access via login credentials

This Is Where IAmI Authentications Makes A Better Difference:

Detect, identify, prevent & immobilize threats In Real-time!

Complete Integration from  back-end to the front-end.

White Label
Complete Integrated Solution
Cross-Platform Solution (Cloud Agnostic)
Custom APIs, Modules & Agents
Mobile SDKs
Easy To Scale

An Authentication Platform Built With You In Mind So You Can Retain Your All Users And Data.


Detect, Identify, Prevent & Immobilize
Intrusions Attacks, Data Breaches, Data Losses & Ransomware Attacks* With A Better 2FA Solution.

Prevent Intrusion Attacks

Detect, identify, prevent & immobilize threat actors, from gaining unauthorized access to the network and critical applications, all in one touch!

Prevent Data Breaches/Losses

Identify & prevent threats and attacks to critical data locations, by empowering PAM superusers to becomes guardians - 24/7

Prevent Ransomware Attacks*

Prevent unauthorized access to business & system applications -24/7 - where they otherwise can encrypt & lock-up for ransom.

* IAmI Authentications Inc. does not make claim to prevent every single strain of Ransomware Attack due to the sheer volume of new and advancing strains being created daily by threat actors.


When Others Look To Gather, Store & Own Your User Data, IAmI Does It Better.

Zero PII Platform

No collection or registration of user PII. All users profiles are tokenized and encrypted.

Bespoke Built

Bespoke built solutions with full integration capabilities, from back-end to front-end.

Cloud-based Security

PaaS, SaaS, and cloud security based platform, developed for enterprise-wide integrations (IAM & PAM) and customer-wide services (CIAM).

Dynamically Innovative

Better intelligent & sophisticated augmented products and services that goes further beyond.

No Matter Where, All Login Credentials, Network Infrastructure, System Applications and Data Are Finally Safe!

No matter where or how your employees and/or customers connect to the network or their accounts, IAmI sets a new bar for IAM, PAM, CIAM, SCA, PSD2 standards and data protection, thwarting Threat Actors and data breaches in real-time.

Open WiFi's

Public WiFi

User can now gain safe and secure access, even in open public WiFi hotspots.

No more issues of login hijacks/ exploits!

Real-time Authentications

IAmI Authentications

No more concerns about ongoing issues with logins, passwords, bypassing of current 2FA's/MFA's.

No more intrusions and data breaches!


Icon of Hacker

Be it a: Man-in-the-Middle/ Browser/ Application or even an emerging 'X' attack, they are not getting in.

Only trusted people gain trusted access!

Innovative & Secure


Built on innovation & security, IAmI delivers a better service that allows for new emerging capabilities.

A Better Enterprise & Customer Level 2FA Platform


Threat Actors Will Go To All Lengths To Steal and Compromise Login Credentials.

Login Credentials

Laptoon icon

Phishing Attacks ⎮ APT Attacks ⎮ RAT Attacks ⎮ Whaling Attacks ⎮ Spray Attacks ⎮ Credential Stuffing Attacks | MITM/MITB Attacks ⎮ Cross-scripting Attacks ⎮ Cookie Session Hijacks ⎮ Many more...



Weak/Poor ⎮ Re-used  ⎮ Stolen ⎮ Storage / Management Issues / Risks ⎮ Brute-Forced Attacks ⎮ Rainbow Attacks ⎮ Dictionary Attacks ⎮ Many more...


Hacking coding

Bypassing unsophisticated 2FAs/MFAs ⎮ User Manipulation / Scams ⎮ SIM Attacks ⎮ Air-Gaping Attacks⎮ Automated Attacks ⎮ Many more...



How Hackers Are Bypassing Current 2FA & MFA Services

SMS OTP Being Attacked

& OTP's

SMS auths & OTPs can be hacked via "SS7 attacks", MITM attacks, MITB attacks (cookie session hijacks) and packet sniffing attacks.

MFAs Being Attacked

Multi Factor

With MFAs offering a variety of auth. options, hackers can select the most easiest to compromise: SMS/ Email based auths.

Attacking Biometrics


Biometric Data - the ultimate ID value stored in readable format - is increasingly being targeted by hackers. Once stolen there is no recourse.

Identity Service Providers

3rd Party Services

External connections to 3rd Party networks, for services (open-loop), are highly susceptible to hacks (https attacks)

Secure PII

Your User PII

MFA/2FA providers collect and store ‘key’ data of End-Users (PII) on their network - and you have no control of it!

Social Engineering & SIM Attacks

SIM & Social Eng. Attacks

2FA/MFA services are highly susceptible to social engineering attacks and is very difficult to preempt.


Biometric Authentications: Think about's just far too risky!

While Industries Are Racing Towards Biometric Authentications, So Are Hackers!

Biometric Risks

All Biometric Data Has To Be Stored As 'Data' - And It's Just As Accessible and Hackable As Any Other Data!!

Many leading 2FA and MFA providers require your User-base PII to be registered on their network, including biometric data!

This means:
(1) Your user-base PII data is residing in an a network that is not yours;
(2) You have no control over the security or safety of it; and
(3) You will have handed over complete access to some very pertinent PII data, including the ultimate identification value - biometric data - which you are trying to protect in the first place.

What's your and your users' recourse if they get attacked?

With emerging technologies, techniques and malicious codes, hackers are able to bypass, breach, compromise, even exploit biometric data.


Leading Authentication Vendors Are Collecting & Storing Your User Data. From A Security Lens, That's Absurd!

Leading 2FA & MFA cybersecurity firms require the registration, collection and storage of your user Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

But what's your recourse if they get hacked?
Do you have a recovery disaster plan in place for this?

Going Beyond Enterprise With CIAM & SCA Services

Customers Are Finally Empowered To Self-Protect Their Accounts & Services With Real-time In-Client App Integrations

Prevent Fraud Attacks ⎮ Prevent Account Takeovers ⎮Prevent Disruption of Services ⎮ Get Real-time Customer Verifications For Account Access & Activities

Some of the many industries where IAmI Authentications works:

Gaming, Entertainment & Travel

Entertainment & Travel



Utility Services

Utility Services

Financial Services

Banking, Financial Services, Insurance & eCommerce

Government Icon

Government Agencies & Services




Is Your Organization Setup to Prevent Threat Actors?

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