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A Better 2FA Solution For the New Normal

Enterprise Access Security -
IAM & PAM Step Up Authentications

Working From Home

Customer Access Security -
CIAM/SCA Step-Up Authentications


Finally, End-users Can Now Defend Themselves Against Threat Actors.


Working From Home
Enterprise-Level 2FA Services, IAM & PAM Step-Up Authentications

Employees Can Finally Detect, Identify & Prevent Attacks, Even Working Remotely.

IAM Enterprise Network Access - Innovated

Simon, a Sr. Director for a multi-million dollar Pharma company, often travels for work. He signs into the network remotely via a VPN access when he's on the road, as well as signs-in from the corporate office.

Simon signs-in using his network access login credentials and now uses IAmI Intelligent 2FA to secure his access. After entering his login credentials, he receives a real-time IAmI authentication request to his mobile. He simply responds to the authentication app and with one simple touch, he gets authenticated access.

No matter what, Simon is the only person who can authenticate access against his own username and password - 24/7. Not only does he prevent intrusion attacks in real-time but also prevent BEC Attacks too.

Protecting PAM With A Better Step-Up 2FA Platform

Sarah is a Sr Team Lead of Network Architect & Systems Applications for a financial institution. She and her team have special privileged access to the company's critical (crown jewels) applications and network infrastructures.

Using IAmI Intelligent 2FA, Sarah and team sign-in and authenticate their PAM login access to these critical applications. They respond to IAmI's real-time, out-of-band, authentication request with one touch to the app. This replaces the conventional, hackable, bypass-able OTP authentication, which is usually downloaded on the very local machine used to otherwise gain access.

As guardians of their login credentials, they are empowered to prevent any threat actor trying gain unauthorized access to otherwise execute a ransomware attack or do a data breach.

Real-time Detection, Identification & Preventative Solution

90% of cyberattacks begin with the exploitation of stolen login credentials in order to get inside a network. Once inside (unauthorized access/intrusion attack), it's there they take their time to study the lay of the land of your network - inspect, monitor, study network traffic, data packets, logins, and identify and target users' (IAM) and superusers' (PAM) login access credentials

With IAmI, all employees - users and superusers - are empowered to immediately detect, identify and prevent all intrusion attacks. By empowering everyone at all levels of access and adding a fortified authentication protocol for (PAM) superusers, threat actors should not be able to go far deep enough to access system or business applications or data repositories to either lockup, encrypt and/or breach. All users will be able to thwart such attacks in realtime.

Finally - Empowering You To Have a Better Peace of Mind!

For many CISO's, CIO's, CSO's and their security teams, it is tough! The constant worry about all aspects of security. Dotting the 'i's' and crossing the 't's', putting out fires, responding to alerts, managing teams, and answering to the executive C-suite team. Getting that dreaded phone call during the very early hours of the morning. The fleeting moment of worry, panic and rush of adrenaline as an anomaly occurs inside the network.

As 90% of all cyberattacks begin with using stolen login credentials, IAmI changes how the current status quo - entirely! All users now become guardians of their own security credentials - 24/7. They are also empowered to prevent threat actors - in real-time - from trying to use their credentials to gain unauthorized access to the network, system/business applications and critical DB's/servers/mainframes.


Customer Level 2FA Services, CIAM/SCA Step-Up Authentications, Real-time Fraud Solutions

The Better Customer Authentication Finally Changes Everything

Customers Finally Getting Trust and Peace of Mind

Jane, a millennial, is an active digital consumer. She frequents her online social media accounts, banks online, and buys most of her purchases from online stores.

She enjoys her upmost peace of mind knowing her bank, some online stores and a few social media accounts each have adopted the IAmI Intelligent 2FA solution. Their adoption and integration of IAmI means they, each and independently of each other, have empowered Jane to become a (cybersecurity) guardian of her respective accounts & services, 24/7.

While others are getting breached and compromised, she has complete confidence and trust with each of her online services providers. She now protects access to all her online accounts.

Instantly Immobilize Phishing Attacks

It's remarkable how threat actors execute a plethora of techniques to hack and steal login credentials. New strains of malware and cyber spoofing techniques emerge daily, all ultimately designed to capture usernames and passwords of digital accounts.

The IAmI Intelligent 2FA solution completely disrupts phishing attacks by rendering any stolen login credential useless to anyone but the true account-holder. When a threat actor tried to access the account using stolen login credentials, the legitimate account holder will be empowered to detect, identify and prevent any malicious access to their accounts.

Account holders now become guardians of their accounts & logins credentials - 24/7.

True Real-time Fraud Prevention, Now A Reality

Login credentials are not the only data points threat actors target. There are other highly valuable data, such as: personal (PII); biometrics; financial; health; insurance; and government issued, which each all yield tremendous monetary value on the dark/deep web.

Through integrated applications and services, the IAmI platform yet again empowers cardholders to identify, detect and prevent payment fraud, in realtime. Financial Institutions, retailers and travel & entertainment companies can each integrate IAmI into their infrastructure and mobile app. Whenever their customers, like Bianca, pictured here, make a transaction, they would simply respond to the app of the service provider and confirm that they are indeed make a transaction. Anytime a fraudster is involved, Bianca and other customers like her, would simply deny the activity and the transaction becomes void.

Finally Taking Control Of Cyber & Fraud Attacks

90% of all cyberattacks begin with the stealing login credentials, and this is also certainly true for compromising customer accounts and services. Once the accounts/services are compromised, threat actors and fraudsters are able to take over accounts, steal personal and financial information and even commit fraud.

With IAmI, all customers are empowered to immediately detect, identify and prevent all cyberattacks on their accounts and services. Threat actors, hackers, and fraudsters won't get very far with trying to gain unauthorized access to customer accounts. With one simple touch to the authentication mobile page, which is integrated inside of client's mobile app, customers will have an elevated experience under the client brand, all while prevent unauthorized access to their account - 24/7 and in real-time.


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