IAmI Passwordless  Authentication

IAmI Eliminates Your Password Concerns, Issues & Worries

In today's cyber climate, passwords are proving to be too passé. With countless number of global cyber attacks and data breaches occurring, and additional onslaught of ever increasing sophisticated social engineering attacks and brute force attacks, passwords are simply not that effective anymore. Network administrators and companies regularly face the risk of weak passwords and/or reused passwords that have been acquired from previous data breaches.

Once a hacker uses or manages to identify a password value, the user, network administrator(s) and company will never know about the unauthorized attack until it's much too late.

A Brand-new Passwordless Authentication Experience With IAmI

IAmI's architectural design allows you to integrate its IAmI API into your existing back-end. All the development required from your network is the modification of your user-table, which is to only acknowledge a username and not a password field and value.

When your user enters their username value and it agrees with your modified user-table, the integrated IAmI API makes a call to the IAmI Server to seek an authentication response from the user.