India Is Full Of Riches:
Culture, Traditions, Values...And Off Course - Data!

IAmI Authentications & Focal Concepts have partnered together to bring a new era of cybersecurity solutions across India.

In partnership with IAmI Authentications, Focal Concepts is the exclusive distributor of IAmI’s Intelligent Authentication and Passwordless Authentication cybersecurity services throughout India. Together, we are seeking ambitious IT boutiques, companies and MSPs to work with and who strongly desire to provide their clients with the next advancement in Security IAM & Two Factor Authentications Services that will prevent cyber intrusion attacks and data breaches - all in real-time!

For more information, visit IAmI Authentications (www.useiami.com) or Focal Concepts (http://www.focalconcepts.in/solutions/).

Prevent Your Client's Riches From Becoming Someone's Profits...!

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